My name is Ananya Agrawal

I am 23 years old.

I am currently working as a software enginner at Socket

I like to spend most of my time building cool things and pondering over potential billion-dollar ideas. I am currently building Feature Monkey🐵 - a user feedback tracker. Some of the things I have made in the past include Hazel✨ - a drag and drop platform for generating deep learning models, Karma🎯 - a new page chrome extension habit tracker.

I love participating in hackathons and have won🏅 a few in the past. There is something about building new things and trying out new ideas in a short period that makes me excited.
Few things I made in the past include SuperPower🦸‍♂️ - which helps companies to spend less time on doing frontend development which won Headout hackathon 2019 and GetSh*tDone📚 - which helps reduce video watch time by ~20%. which won wmn 2019.

I also write sometimes. It is motivating to discover your blogs were able to help someone. When we write even a small blog and people read it and reach out to say thank you. It feels nice.
Some of the blogs I wrote in the past are Stone Soup and Super SuperPower🦸‍♂️, 1 Month of Contribution for Rails girls summer of code , Experience with OpenCode 18

I love opensource development and have created a platform named Anna Assistant🐘 - a Voice Assistant for Chrome.
I have also served as the coordinator of Free and Open Source Society at my college, Where we help people from various parts of the country learn open source development by organising events such as Opencode🎳.
With Opencode we have been able to help more than 500 students every year on various technologies such as web dev, machine learning, data science, etc.

I love sleeping more than everything else so you can find me sleeping if I'm not doing coding or watching movies🙈.

If you like my work do consider supporting me over Buy me a coffee. Please reach me out via twitter